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Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) Program

Under the Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) program, Federal property, originally purchased for use by a Federal agency, but no longer needed by that entity, is acquired by the USDA Forest Service for loan to one of the 50 States or the Territories for use in the State's rural or wildland fire protection program. As a result, the equipment stays in service to America, protecting lives and property across the nation.

The "personal" part of the FEPP program simply refers to any tangible property that is not real estate. This can include trucks, aircraft, personal protective equipment, motor oil, nuts, bolts, fire hose, et cetera, but not buildings.

The State Forester makes the initial decision that an FEPP item is appropriate for use, and the USDA Forest Service must concur. The property is then loaned to the State Forester, who may then place it with local departments to improve local fire programs. Approximately 70% of the property involved in the Forest Service FEPP program is sub-loaned to local fire departments.

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